Thursday, December 29, 2016

Love is just Love.

                                 The moment he walked in 

                       Her Heart skipped a beat 

                       Then her every beat echoed his name 

                       She was no longer the same 

                        She changed.

                        Changed in love and full of love to share.

                        Everyday She rose in love 

                        Everything started to fall in place.


                                                              Image from Google Search.

It's not always  about being together and spending every minute of your life with the person you are in love with . It's also not always being loved back . These are like terms and conditions that come along. While love doesn't have any of such rules. It's all about feeling the love . It's about living in love. It's about loving the love and spending your moment about how wonderful it feels being in love.Even if you are not loved back , remind yourself you are blessed to feel it , though one way. Enjoy Love . Celebrate it . Cherish it .




Monday, December 5, 2016


                                                                 Don't hide them 

                                                                Don't conceal them

                                                                  Don't cover them

                       For your scars are beautiful 

                         Let them shine bright

                         Let the world know

                         For every Scar has a story to share

                                                                  A story of courage

                                                                   A story of Survival

                                                                   A story of undying will power and faith

                                                                   A story of Sacrifice 

                  Versions of stories may differ

                  But What remains same is the fight.

                  Scars silently convey your strength and passion for life.


                                                   Smile at them for they are beautiful 

                           Embrace them for they are the symbol of your strength.

                                             Let them be seen , for they aren't meant to hide.