Sunday, May 29, 2016

Things A beautifully Romantic Single Does

Hopelessly In love with the Love are the People who are Single .

Yes ! You 've heard it right Single people believe in Love too .In fact , they are Beautifully Romantic at heart and find something to love in every thing they see.

1) They live in their Imaginary world where things are just like in a fairy tale . All things Pink , Sparkles and Glitter. For them , everything turns perfect just like in a Cute Korean Love story Movies.
P.s I love watching Korean Movies.


2) Imagine and Enact their favorite scenes of their favorite movies and most importantly they become the main male / female role .They Relive the same scene with a little adjustments as per their preferences.

3)Every time they listen to some of their favorite love / romantic songs with beautiful lyrics they are undoubtedly lost in a World painted with their perfect imagination of Love of course !


4)They feel immense pain or even worst they Weep so hard when there is heart break scene in the movie or even if the lovers get separated .

5) 'Awwwww' is literally their favorite word to express -How Lovely, how romantic or How adorable . Any cute love scene they watch or imagine, their immediate reaction would be , yes you guessed it right- Awwwwww :)

6) When a Cute Random guy just looks / Stares them for a second or two , they may not show it and even if its very short lived , they feel so happy at heart as they have found one they have been waiting so long .

7) These Singles have a Celebrity crush since ages , they keep stalking ( In the most adorable ways ) them on their social media platforms and keep smiling and blushing even at their most normal updates.

Let me know some of the things you know that these amazing singles do , Would love to know more .

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Do it For You .

Every Day , Nothing Seems to Change

Some day when you turn back and look

Nothing remains Same.

                             Whatever You have today would perish with Time

                   Whatever is New today will be Old Tomorrow

                  Whatever seems to be nothing today will be Everything .

Today , Let Your Feelings flow 

Don't keep them Locked and Let them know

How long this moment would last

Not only You but Barely anyone knows 

                     Feared and too confused to follow where  your heart  takes

               Better be what You want to be than be some Fake

               Go along with your heart , and Your Dreams too 

                Live not for the World , But for You.