Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrate the Small things

Friday has hopped in so fast this week .Well, it always does . So Its time for me to celebrate the small things.

My this week's Celebrations are :

1) Watched a wonderful movie with my sister eating delicious mangoes .

2) Had wonderful time with my sister eating one of my favorite snacks ( Pani- Puri )

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Happy Blogging .

Friday, June 20, 2014

Celebrate the small things

  This week flew by so fast. Wow! Times waits for none. I am just beginning to realize it .Its Friday finally and this calls for celebrating the small things . Yayy!! Sorry I skipped few Fridays . But  guess what, I am back again :) Oh yeah!!

So celebrate the small things is a wonderful blog hop introduced by Viki @Scribblings of an Aspiring author . All we have to do is to share the small or even big things that made you happy this week .

My celebrations this week are :

1) This one is quite huge for me. Guess what, The results of my first Semester of my MBA are out and I have scored good percentage of marks  . All thanks to the God :)

2)Secondly , I drew 17 chibi emotions in two days. They turned out very well ,I must say :)

3) I went to shopping with my mom,Sister and Baby niece and bought Shoes that I always wished for . That day was beyond amazing.

That's it from this week . Hope to have such a wonderful next week too..Fingers Crossed ;)

Happy Blogging !

Monday, June 16, 2014


After deciding to write about switching of moods , I wondered what actually a mood is . Then of course, following the very routine way I googled about it . It stated ":mood is an emotional state. Moods differ from emotions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods generally have either a positive or negative valence" and so on and on and on....I always thought mood is such a simple thing.I thought its just the way we feel at a certain specific time and it switches from one state of mind to another just as the chameleon changes its color.( I know comparison was awful but can't help it..hehe ).But after reading about it in the google, I thought I have a condition here which is Confusion. I lost the control . The things which appear so simple to me are so complicated in fact. ohhh! After sometime I gathered myself slowly and restored my normal state. So the bottom line was not to read the full scientific story about a certain concept.
 Well by now ,I guess everyone 's mood might have changed like "this is so boring " or " lets just go back " or " close the entire window" or " lets just scroll down" If you are thinking to scroll down then I must say " you are in a good mood..Yayyy!

I am one simple and ordinary human being. I mean I have just one physical state but I have innumerable emotional states. I wonder when I can't change my physical state...Then how can I change my emotional state i.e mood??? In fact I have realized I have no power to change my mood too. It just changes the way it likes .How?? Well I have got no exact answer for this . But as per me, I found some reasons for switching of our moods. The situations or the circumstances we face in our day creates our so called emotional state. Like If its our bithday , We feel happy and everything seems so joyful. But If we have a fight with our dear ones, then our mood suddenly turns to a irritated or annoyed one.

So all depends on the situations or conditions. If we are able to remain in the same mood( I mean in a controlled state) no matter what then We are almost close to being perfect Human being .( Here perfect means  walking on the path that God shows us).

Many times the actions of others controls our mood. Many a times our own actions take control of our mood. So today on,I will be striving to have a balanced mind and body no matter how people treat me or the life treats me as Life is too short to waste even a moment by being sad ,annoyed, or being in any sadder version moods.

These days , we can exhibit our moods on the social networking sites as well . We need not write down the whole story but we can just use a smiley or emoticons to exhibit our mood.Well, I love those cute round yellow smileys .OMG ! they are so cute. These days ,people use these emoticons to reply too.Wow!! Interesting. Now we need not hurt our fingers writing long long paragraphs and instead just insert a emoticon . Just a click and the idea is conveyed. Technology...Hats off to you .I don't know much about these emoji's as there is wide variety of them available in the recently launched phones like hand gestures, animals, and some other cute stuff.

Have a fun with these emoticon :)

Happy Blogging !

P.s :Pictures are from Google :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Long Drive in a state which is just 1 day old (Perspective )

Surprising .isn't it? How can a state be just one day old. Even my heart skipped a beat when this thought struck me in the car . I was on a long night drive with my family just to view the bright cute fairy lights that lit up the area of Tank Bund in Hyderabad on June 3. Well, its the very next day after it came to existence as a part of the very young state of India. Entire pond was shimmering with various lights. It was a beautiful scene ,totally mesmerizing . The same old Tank Bund appeared like new born baby adorned with different bright lights . The night gleamed with happy faces of the new state . A breeze of freshness blew every where. But like every story needs a sudden twist & turn, as its the only thing which makes story even more interesting. This new state about which I am talking right now ,once belonged to my State(The state to which I belong now after bifurcation).I mean , We all were a big happy family ( Whole state without division ).

To spend my holidays with my sister's family, I came to the new state as she belongs to it now.There was a time when we all belonged to same state but now the scenario has changed. Everything is same but it all seems so new now. I ask myself this why everything seems so new even if its all very old and same?? Even though the state may be divided but it could not distance people from their dear ones. As for me Love does not include a factor called distance. It just need some good hearts to share and spread its essence. My sister and I , Still love each other to infinity and beyond. Since Childhood we grew together and share huge treasure called Memory and even now will be doing the same.

As I think over this issue which gained a lot of attention across the country leading to protest for and against the issue. Some people supported and some opposed. I don't know why there was so much contradiction .For  me I always thought, in the map of the nation we will have  to draw just another line to indicate another state but in reality we need not build a wall or separate the ground. Everything would be same .The only thing that will be different is that the other part will be know with a new name.

Here ,I am not sharing my opinion about the bifurcation or anything related. Here I am just talking about the way of looking at things.

Everything depends on how we look at the thing .

Happy Blogging :)