Monday, March 31, 2014

A Story...

Look what I found. You would be really amazed after reading the story I am going to share with you. After reading this story I have realized how people relate their work with that of other. People have different or I must say weird opinions about other's work. They feel that others work is of so less worth yet they get paid high. I don't know how to put my thoughts in am just going to press the mute button and just share the wonderful story.

A mechanic was removing the engine parts from a motorcycle . When he saw a famous Heart Surgeon in his garage , he called the surgeon and said  " Look at this engine,I 've opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired few parts that were damaged ,replaced a few  and put them back". So why do I get such a small salary and you get such a huge amount for quiet similar work.

Well , I love this Part...

The Doctor smiled at the mechanic and came close and Whispered in his ears " Try the same when the engine is running"

I felt that was an amazing answer.

Please feel free to share your view.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


All of a sudden,out of nowhere I realized that its Summer time now. Sun's shining brighter than before above my head , breeze of hot air slightly kissing me on my face , the thirst prevails throughout the day, attracted to everything that's cold and even feel like plunging into water bodies. Ahhh , if you have the same symptoms like I do then you should know that Summer has already set in.

Summer is special in its own way. Power- cuts, hike in cold drinks prices , number of flavours of ice -creams are available now, installation of manual water services ,caps, colorful umbrellas , and yeah not to forget coconut water. Don't tell me you don't like it. I bet everyone likes to have a glass or two .

I feel a picture is better than a thousand words. So I guess the picture below would describe summer better than anyone else. So here we go..


Well, I am not a great fan of Summer but there are few things that I love about Summer Season...

1) We get a long Summer Vacation no matter what you are studying. Every Student has a perfect right to Summer Holidays.

2)This is the best part of Summer season, I get to eat MANGOES. Yes ! you heard me right. I love mangoes. They are not just fruits but I would say King of Fruits.

3) Apart from ripe mangoes, We can also get unripe mangoes out of which tasty and spicy pickles can be made.When I say pickles, my mouth's watering like I don't know what to compare with.

4)We get to wear loose and cotton clothes which are so comfy and soothing in the hot Sun. Especially we get to wear whites. Yayy!

5)We get to visit number of Summer resorts with family and friends , which is so much fun .

6) The experience of cool breeze touching your body in the Summer nights feels like you are in the heaven.That feeling is so priceless.

Apart from these enjoyments a lot of precautions are to be taken too. Here are few tips you should take care of                                                                                                                                                                 1) Carry a bottle of water where ever you go because our bodies get intensely dehydrated during  Summers.                                                                                                                                               2)Eat as many as fruits as you can . The fruits which have high water content like water melons.
3) Drink coconut water as many times as possible.
4) At the end of your meal do not forget to finish it off with Curd or Yogurt.   
5) Occasional drink butter milk with a pinch of sugar .
6) Avoid wearing blacks.
7) Put on your Shades to have cooler vision.(Plus point of wearing shades is that they make you look stunning.)

These are the few things I follow every Summer. If you have some more tips then please feel free to share . 

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Happy Summer time                                                    

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Sky Buddy...

The only buddy I've always had and still have by my side is the one and only The Blue Sky .There's not even a single time when we were apart. My dear sky was always there for me to comfort.

In trouble, I just need to look above and Say "I need you" .The very next moment the help arrives. I still wonder how does it do that?? Every time I am in need of a smile, I just look through my window and there it is like always amusing me with its different art forms of clouds. It makes me laugh like I can no more through its silly and cute artistic sculptures of clouds.When I am low and need a shoulder to lean on ,I climb up the stairs and go to the top of my building and feel the presence of my bud, who is in its cute black night pyjamas . It silently conveys me that life is meant to be that way. Things fall apart just to fall in place.You can never have perfect balance of Life unless you face some problems. This it does by the gentle touch of cool breeze on my face. Really it has its own wonderful ways of comforting me.

Sky and I were friends from the time when I couldn't even spell The Sky.This friendship is still blossoming and getting stronger and stronger as the each day passes on.

So tell me who is your buddy for life?

Would love to hear from you

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebrate the small things

Its Friday ! So lets celebrate the small things.

This week's celebrations are :

1) On the occasion of Women's day , I won first prize in Elocution competition .

2) Gave a seminar on the topic Maintenance Management , also got a wonderful feedback .

Thank you VikLit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author for the blog hop :)

Have a wonderful weekend filled with Love and Joy :)

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

At Crossroads

Very Often we face a situation where we need to make a choice. And seriously we have no idea where our choice will lead us. Sometimes our decision may be right and sometimes not. If its right well and good. If not its GREAT. I say GREAT because you will learn to analyse more effectively before you make a choice next time . I have learnt this from past few years .Literally it took me years to make better decisions related to food. Yes! You heard it right its related to FOOD.

To be frank I am not a great food lover . I don't even know what kinds of dishes are available in the huge world except the bunch of dishes I like and are available in my country. I was least bothered about it.

As a kid, I ate food because my mom told me to.

When I was teenager, I became choosy and ate what I felt like eating ( Only the food that made me feel better and happy but no healthy food)

Till two years back, I only ate the food that tasted delicious but never the food that was healthy. I mean no leafy veggies, No fiber content food, no proteins and the list of food you should eat to be healthy.Even if healthy food was cooked at home , I tried every possible way to skip it. And to my surprise I was successful at times.

I loved only food that is considered fast food and Unhealthy.

Now I am a completely changed person . Last year taught me the greatest lessons ever taught. Now, I eat everything that is healthy and healthy. At the start, I felt it very difficult to eat leafy veggies and everything that one should eat to keep himself /herself healthy and strong. To restore my health I had to eat but it was like a great war between my hand and my mouth. Every time my hand listened to my heart and My mouth listened to my brain. As usual ,heart wins. Before it was like swimming under the water in dark.As I searched and tried to sort out the mystery behind Why people prefer healthy food to tasty food? I have discovered something worthy to save many lives. Every healthy food has a magical life saving and protecting capacity. It always has godly thing in it to protect our body from virus and infections. It also has preventing qualities.
Then on , the war slowly vanished. I feel it easy and comfortable to eat anything that's healthy and I don't care even if its not tasty.

But we all know a fact that earth is round. Again one day I had a counter with tasty foods. I was like OMG! Where on earth were you till now? I feels so good to meet you guys again . I knew the fact that oily and spicy food isn't good enough for health but that's what every human is made of  i.e, weaknesses or I would like to say the areas we need to improve.

Today , I can eat leafy veggies because they are healthy but I love fast food because its tasty.

But When I have to make a choice between them , I am at the Crossroads with total confusion.

" Healthy food is never tasty and the tasty food is never healthy " That's exactly what I say to myself at the crossroads.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Story of a Shoeaholic

My inner self says "You already have  a few which are more than enough for now"

I say to myself " I just can't get enough of them". I beg myself saying just one more ,please just one more! Eventually, I end up getting those which made me fall in love with them at first sight.

Well, this is not only my story I guess but there are many girls out there who have quite similar story with a different version .

Wondering what am I talking about? Well , I am a pure Shoeaholic. Yes! I am :)

Thank God, then there's nothing wrong with me.

Sometimes I don't know what happens to me. I just get crazy whenever I pass by a Foot-wear Showroom." OMG! They are so amazing ,I want them all " would be my first reaction looking at the shoes displayed in the shop.

People around me would say that I am quite a silly girl with a silly obsession for Shoes.

I would say its not so easy being a Shoeaholic.

Every Shoeaholic is one of a kind. Different Strategies are taken up  while selecting a pair of shoes. These strategies varies from a Shoeaholic to another.  No two people follow the same rules of selection

I would say its definitely not an easy task. Not everybody can get an A in this test which seems so easy .

Its nothing like getting into the showroom ,pick a pair of comfy shoes, pay the bill, take the bag and just vanish.

Its more of  going to one of the shops that sells cute, comfy and trendy foot wear for every occasion and in every color.Then decide which section of shoe ( like wedges,bellies,flip-flops,stilettos,pumps,flats... ) to go as per  the occasion you will be wearing the shoes, dress , time of occasion(like day or night) and the color of the dress with which the shoes will go well .Not only this we also need to consider the color,pattern and style of the Shoes we pick along with the type of Shoes  like Floral,Classic,Animal printed,Glittery,Studded and what not. Once entered into the required section we need to give a glance at the entire section so that no baby is missed out of our sight because we need to consider every shoe ,you never know what your heart says to choose. (Well , If I could, I would never ever leave any baby behind.) Then once we need to go back our closet and think about of the color and styles of dresses we have.
Having considered all the dresses ,you need to start picking pairs of Shoes. Try on and have a look at the mirror . My favorite time, its time to walk the ramp and give a pose.Sounds weird but I would say don't be shy. No, not even a little because you are making the most important decision of your life ;)


I know ,people around will stare ridiculously at you but don't you worry because nothing should come in the way of you and your Shoes. Having done with the picking, next thing which is essential of all is which of them are going home with you. Well, this is a quiet tough one. Lets make it easy girls, Concentrate! Think, which of the pair will make to your closet. Which Pair would look good and goes well with maximum number of your dresses.Still stuck with the selection. At this point, all the ladies will have two choices

1) Take all the pairs so far selected

2)Leave them all...Nah ! Just Kidding. If we do so, we wouldn't be Shoeaholics .Right?

So Finally the decision will be made either by asking the your mom or any one who is with you during the shopping about their choice. Trust me girls this is very helpful in making right decision at times.


 Just grab the ones which attracted you towards them at the very first look .Sounds like Love at First sight. ? Yes it is Love at first sight :) :)

Thus, Pay the bill, collect the bags  and just go on with your shopping.

Well, the story doesn't end here. Surprised?

Yes,its definitely not the end here.The story has just begun. There's not only one Foot- wear  showroom in the town or city. Lets check out whats new in the next Show room !

 The thing is we can't just get enough of shoes. Just as my mood swings ,my choice of shoes changes. Once bellies,then Wedges. Sometimes flip-flops, other times Gladiators. At times Converse the other times pumps.Oh God! This never stops .                                                                  

I am happy to be a Shoeaholic. Are you?

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Happy Blogging :)

Pictures are taken randomly from google :)