Friday, February 28, 2014

Celebrate Small things

Wow! Its Friday already and Its time to Celebrate Small things.

This week was quite hectic and busy for me but I am glad ,I was blessed with few moments to celebrate that kept me going.

The Celebrations are :

1)My first celebration of this week is that  I won a contest held by Maybelline New York India.(one among the five winners )

2)The second celebration I owe it to you guys,the amazing and supportive bloggers, who take some time from their busy schedule to read and comment the stuff I write. Your comments inspire & encourage me to write more and help me to be a better blogger . Your responses are my greatest celebration .Thank you !

This super fun blog hop was the idea of VikLit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. Thank you so much for helping us grow stronger and better by re collecting the things achieved in a week .

Thanks for stopping by .

Would love to hear from you .                                                            

Have a great weekend :)


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things admired today were ignored yesterday

     The idea for this post struck me in my Organisational Behaviour  class. I can clearly remember the topic was Motivation. I was really looking forward to this topic because I believe that ability to motivate is a special charisma  which only a few possess. That very day I truly came to know of the greatness behind the Beautiful Bridge of Brooklyn.Earlier it was just another bridge for me that stood strong and beautiful .After knowing its history I have developed a sense of respect for the Engineers who dreamed of building it against all the odds. Well I am not going to write all the details of this bridge because I know each one of us can google it for sure. Before this bridge came into existence , John Roebling and his son were criticized over their idea of building a bridge over the New York's East river. Like father like son. Father dreamed of this majestic Bridge and the son made his father's dream come true  with complete devotion and will power .

 People find it very easy and simple to reject any new ideas emerging out of a genius brains. This is not only the case where the great men were criticized and made fun of. Every great man today was considered a fool or a mental challenged guy earlier. We can list out a great number of such great personalities. If we start doing that it would be an unending list. Ramanujan is one of those greatest mathematician who was considered unfit for mathematics itself. Well, we are well aware of great scientists like Galileo,Wright Brothers,Gregor Mendel . Even their inventions and theories were heavily criticized by large groups of people. But thankfully these great men did not give up on their dreams because if they might have done so then we might not living such beautiful lives that we are living today.

Why is it so difficult for people to accept the dreams of others? Why do people question about the abilities of other ? Why are people so interested in others lives when their own lives are messed up? Why can't people understand  that nothing is impossible if God's wills? Why? Why? Why?

But things change if one doesn't stop dreaming. Things change if  we believe in oneself.Things do change if we  have strong will and determination to achieve something. Things do change if we put in our whole hearts into something.

We never believed that we can fly but thanks to Sir George Cayley, John Stringfellow,Jean-marie le  Bris,Felix du Temple, Samuel Pierpont Langley,Gustave Wei├čkopf and Wright Brothers for the contribution towards the History Aviation. 

We never believed that gravity pulls us towards the ground but we were totally wrong.

We never believed we can drain darkness and bring in the light. Thanks to Electricity .

We never thought we could  land on other planets but we did.

We never thought we could to  talk to or interact with a person living on the other extreme of the earth but we did.Thanks to the Technological revolution.

We never thought we could develop and use nuclear energy ,But now we do. 

We never thought we could save lives of people suffering from variety of diseases . Thanks to Medical revolution that gave a lot of strength to fight .

We never thought we could take pictures of galaxies and planets also know whats happening on the other side of the world  but we did .Thanks to Satellites

Thus we have overcome many hurdles of our lives and established a glorious civilization.

This civilization ,we are living today, was a dream of yesterday . The men who dreamed big knew that they would create something even better than ever thought.These great people sacrificed their own life just to better ours.

Now we have huge monuments, better and majestic infrastructure, comfortable and luxurious modes of transport, beyond imagination technologies, improved medical facilities, and much, much more.

For each of them  came to existence just because the undying spirit of the great men behind these miraculous inventions.

We never honored their thoughts and dreams but they left us the treasures of better living.

Today these discoveries and inventions are honored, admired and loved  while there was time when they were thought to be unrealistic ,were criticized and made fun of.

Its easier for people to change their tongues than changing their own clothes.

Well, the thing is at least people started realizing that dreams do come true ,whether their own or others. The only thing needed is a true heart.

This article is a little token of gratitude to the all the great men and women who contributed to our comfortable and better living.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrate Small things

First of all I had an amazing week . This week I was given a lot more moments to add to my  store of memories.

First, I had a chance to re- live my passion of drawing cartoons. In fact I drew 4 cartoons(Pooh & piglet,Tigger, Little Chibi,and cute Stitch)  which  really turned out well. 

Second, I drew something I never did before. A HUMAN SKETCH. Yes! I did draw a human figure. And to my surprise it really turned out as an amazing picture. I am so glad that my efforts did not go in vain.

Third and most important celebration of all was the Puja of the three mighty Gods, Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiv,Lord Bramha was done at our house on Thursday. It was a very spiritual evening for all of us at home.

Thank you VikLit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. for introducing such a fun blog hop. Its like a look-back at the moments that made us happy . It also helps us to look forward to the coming weeks with much more enthusiasm . 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Wish List Continues ~

                                               Wish #1 Get a star named after me

Ever since I 've read " A walk to remember ", written by a amazing writer Nicholas Sparks , I have been a bit obsessed with Stars and Sky. I always had something with the stars . I still can't figure out what it is,but we do share a special bonding.  This book helped me to decide one of my craziest  wishes ever. And it is

" I want a star to be named after me"

I hope I get this done as soon as possible so that I can hang the gorgeous certificate of naming a star after me in my very own room.

                                              Wish # 2 Collect water from different rivers

I know at times I might sound weird but honestly I have no idea why am I so.  When I was a kid, I used to watch Discovery channel . One day I happened to watch about The Ganges . That episode revealed the origin and the beauty of the Ganges. Its beauty was so beyond words . As time passed on , many a time I came across various pictures of rivers and every river was different in its very own way. I agree the color of water is blue but I don't know whats with these rivers that every river has its own color of water, though the shade of blue . It really fascinates me . This fascination manifested  itself into one of my wishes.

Hence my second wish is

                                                     " Collect water from different rivers "


                                           Wish # 3 Make a Snow man,Snow fairy and  Enjoy the Snow

 I kinda a nature lover. I love rain . My love for snow is even more. I must admit I 've never seen a snow fall. I live in southern India so its like impossible to have snow over here as the winter itself doesn't take its full form. But this doesn't limit my love for Snow .

 No matter what we can't live in a bubble. We must push our limits . It doesn't matter even if I live in a place where I don't have snow fall but my will to see it will never fade away. My dad once told me "Where there is will, there's always a way" . So I am not gonna give up but find my way to experience the magic of Snow . I just want to experience how does it feels like to have snow all around you, also want to feel all the seasons that prevail in this world.  My love for snow had me my third wish . And it is
                                             "To make a Snow man,Snow fairy and Enjoy the Snow ."

In short it can be said as
                                             Visit a place which is famous for the Snow fall

 Wish I could be that Young lady in the above picture .

                                                                  Wish # 4 Learn Ballet  

When you have strong passion for something nothing can ever stop you from doing that.Likewise my love for ballet grows more and more with the every passing year. You might ask me the reason for my love for Ballet. I may not be able to give you technical reasons but I have my own way to admiring it. There are many dance forms available in the world but my heart skips a beat every time I watch people perform ballet. I just love everything that comes with Ballet right from the cute pink satin ballet shoes to the gracefulness  of the dancer. Its not just a dance form for me its something more. It has a charisma that captures my heart and my soul. It has a delicate way of conveying the theme through dance. Its like a soft way of expressing the hardest feelings. Thus , I am deeply and totally in Love with Ballet.


                                                           Wish # 5 Travel in the Engine of a Train 

Each one of us might have traveled in train innumerable times.Even I did . I don't even remember the count. But have you ever traveled in its engine?

I always wonder how does it feel like in the Engine which leads many other passenger coaches and freight cars. I always had a feeling of pride for the people who drive these huge trains. For the past few years , I have grown watching these trains pass by my house. They look amazing when it rains. Every time they pass by I can hear a new song of their whistles . Every time they provide an element of surprise to me. Thus my love for trains keeps growing and growing. My love for trains has contributed to this wish of mine which is

                                      " I would love to travel in the Engine of a Train "

I want to experience what it feels like to be the first to see the way in a Train. How does it feels like to be touched first by the breeze or the rain. How does it feels like to be the first to enter the railway station. How does it feels like to be the first to enter and leave a dark tunnel .

I just want to feel all these amazing feelings.

p.s : It doesn't mean I want to be first but here I mean that how does it feels like to be in the Engine of the train and experience such beautiful and wonderful things

My list wishes continues . Here are just few of my very favorites . Well , I wanted to share some more but the some wishes are better When they are to be kept secret.

Keep wishing. There's no limit for wishing in this world .

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wish list

God designs , fills in the stuff and sends each of his precious creations to the earth . I am glad am one of it. So is everyone. Each one of us is different in the same way . We all might have same heart that helps in circulating the blood but each heart beats for a different reason. So is mine.

I have a heart .
With this heart comes many wishes.
With these wishes ,Everyday I have a new reason to live .

May be I am not only the one who has wishes. But from now I am going to share my wish list with you so that even you can give a thought on your wishes and you never know you might find new way to discover the very new  you.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Drawing # 3 Precious Moments "The Swing "

I don't know why do I like these characters a lot.May be they inspire me to love the people around me. There is so much sweetness in them which attracts me towards them.The basic reason for me to love this drawing is the SWING. It was my best buddy when I was a kid. I used to play all day long and used share my feelings with Sky while swinging high. Wish those days could come back .

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why being Successful has become more important than being happy?

 Have you ever asked  yourself  that " Are you happy?"? If yes, what was your answer.

What are the factors or parameters would you consider to measure the degree of your happiness?

The basic parameters that one would consider in today's world are

1)Social Position and Status
2)Power and Authority
3) Worldly pleasures and Luxuries
4) Taking a cover of a Brand

And lot more .This list would continue to the end of world. But do these things really bring in the Happiness into our Lives? Are they really so effective in bringing the Sunshine? Do these things matter so much more to us than our own Life which is only one and Uncertain.?

If we use these as parameters to measure the Happiness then we need to re- think all over again.These things provide us the comfort but not the real happiness.Real Happiness is not connected or dependent on things. It is related to heart and feelings.Each of these are just some things with a value tag but they have no relation with heart.

 Heart is considered to be the most important organ for human existence . So is Happiness.

With no happiness in one's life even the heart doesn't feel its existence.

Happiness is not an article or an item that can be purchased from a Shop. At the same time you need not put an effort to gain Happiness. In fact Happiness can be found at every nook and corner of our huge world . All you have to have is pure heart and soul .Happiness can be found in every thing. It just depends on our perspectives.

Happiness is like the rain and the rainbow We feel good while its raining and also we are elated when we see the rainbow too.

Happiness is like the Sun and the Stars. It always exists but we change our own direction because of which we may not see them .

Happiness is like water . We may not hold much in our hands but it helps us to get rid of our thirst( Here thirst is compared to the problems one faces)

Happiness is like air. You cannot see it or touch but you can always feel it.

Today like our natural resources have become scarce so is the Happiness . These days we prefer being Successful to Happiness. Happiness has started losing its essence in the race of being Successful.

People feel that the more successful one is ,the more happier the one will be. In the race of being successful people tend to leave behind the people,relations and  feelings that are the causes of real Happiness.

Many people would be totally against this statement. But not every one realizes the essence of happiness at the  right time. Realizing its value after it being lost is huge loss beyond one's imagination. We usually don't care for the people we have or the relation we have when we run after our so called goals . But we fail to understand the real purpose of  our existence in the race of our life's so called aims and ambitions.

 We tend to take artificial bus of worldly Success instead of taking the free and Happy horse riding.
 We build artificial stars ceiling in our rooms and forget about the stars twinkling in the Sky
 Why aren't we trying to understand the real essence of Life. The true essence of Living is rising beyond mere existence. The true essence of Life is the being closer to the things that bestow true happiness.

In the race of accomplishment we are always avoiding the things and people we love us to death and are well wishers.

One of the example I have come across is that People go far away from their parents unwillingly though and miss them initially then they get busy in their lives and tend to distance more from their dear ones.Finally , a day comes when they turn back and search for memories. But they fail to find even a single memory that made them happy. They realize that they have spent their whole life trying to achieve the things which short lived giving up on those which are seem petty but of high value.

I may not be clear enough to convey my idea clearly because this is my second article. The only thing I would want to say is that we run after the things which don't serve the purpose of our life. The ultimate yearning of a Human being is to be loved and to love but he is spending most of his life in trying to achieve something which really doesn't matter much giving up on most important things.

Please give importance those simple things in our life because one we are going to realize that these simple things are life's greatest pleasures.

Some of Simple things which are life's greatest joys are

1) Sleeping in mom's lap
2)Sharing even a small joy with the family
3) Sharing the most out of the least you are having
4) Forgive and Forget easily
5) Be thankful for what you have
6) Pray for what you need than for what you want
7) Be Satisfied with the result of your efforts.( Result is the outcome of your efforts)
8)Raise your Hands for giving than for taking
9)Use our precious mouth for praying than for cursing
10)Believe that Lord is by your side and be open to the problems because the joy of solving a problem is beyond one's imagination
11) A true Compliment
12)A wise advise to one who always counts on you

 Thus this would be an never ending list if each one has pure and open heart to accept life as it comes to us. Because I believe that God has perfect planning for each one of us.

Here are some pictures related to Happiness  which I like the most and would love to share with you .