Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Be your own World

Truth hurt her , broke her 

But it was the truth that set her free 

From the shackles of the past 

Free from expectations 

Free from the lies 

She had nothing to hold on to

No more to love , No more to lose

All She had was all of herself

To explore and discover 

The person She was once

To evolve

To the person She was  always meant to be 

All She had was all of herself 

To trust and love

All She had was all of herself

and She became her own World 

Don't worry if the world doesn't love or care about you. Become your own world .Show yourself the love you deserve. It hurts sometimes but pull yourself together because you are not alone .You have yourself always!

PS - Picture is from Google Search.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lost or Found ?



                           Am I really lost or  just don't wanna be found

                             Why be found ,when being lost feels so better.

                           The more I try to find myself , the more lost I am .

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All things Cute. All things Quirky .

Hola Everyone !

             If you are anything like I am - who loves colors, prints that are cute and quirky, fond of things that add a lot more liveliness to your life, then all we need is Chumbak. For , it is the paradise of colors where quirky prints come to life.It's  a place where not only ideas happen but come to life.

           Being a crazy self taught artist , every time when I need to shop anything , be it a clothing item or a decor piece , I automatically gravitate towards Chumbak.Maybe, that's the reason it's called Chumbak ;) Love it !

                              I am all about all things Owly and Chumbak is the place where you find a many things that in shape of Owl. So out of love ,I drew this tiny drawing that represents both the things I love to the moon and back -Chumbak and Owls :)                    

             Since , the Summer is around the corner,it's time we drink water more than usual  to keep ourselves hydrated. Drinking a lot of water everyday is quite a task ( for me ,at least ) . But hey ! Chumbak got my back.Recently , I got two of the most cute and adorable Mason jars in blue that is beautiful and in red that is ravishing.These jars so adorably cute that I am always carrying them around and also drinking incredible amount of water daily. (They can contain 450 ml ).All I got to do is fill them up and keep them at my desk or next to the place I am sitting and trust me , you will keep sipping it even if you aren't thirsty. Yay !

               To make it a little fruity and berrylicious , I just added few strawberries to make it a kind of Detox water . Usually ,when berries are out of town, Basil leaves and a slice of lemon works as magic . Try it , it's Yummy :)
                  Since, I belong to the #LazyGirlsClub , the best thing about the mason jars is that they are easy to clean and carry since they come with a handle . And , You can click a zillion of cute selfies with them :) Sounds awesome,right ?


Also , I got a couple of cute notebooks to keep myself organized .C'mon, who am I kidding? I got them to doodle and draw my imagination or write down my ideas for my blog. 

Chumbak is a happy place and sends awesomeness your Way !

Also , I have got few clothing pieces too, if you wanna see a post on them . Say Aye ! Would love to do it :)

Happy Reading Everyone !

Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainush SS17 show Bangalore Fashion Week .

         Hey Everyone !

          I was wondering if am I the only one who dresses up according to the mood . If you are just like me , the here's a Hi-5 ! We always have particular outfits that go along with the moods or trends. Or if you are on a lazy mode , Cute Pjs and top knot is the perfect choice. For every mood , Be it bold, Chic,Edgy,Girly or Boho ,one can easily decide and fix their outfits . But there are also days when you feel like going back to your roots and dress up but with a touch of modernity or a hint of latest style. You want to blend with current world but want to stand out with a vintage style . Then , Fusion is the way to go!

                              If you love Fusion of styles ,then You will definitely love the Collection Kamsya . It's a beautiful blend of traditional elegance and hint of modernity. Kamsya inspires you to embrace the traditional beauty with touch of latest trends.The Collection reflects the magnificent touch of  Mughal architecture ,to the subtlety of raw Indian hand weave.

                                  I would like to describe the collection as Royal as Ruby and ethereal as emerald. Every Outfit from the collection looks absolutely royal and magnificent.Once you wear them , You look a Princess with a invisible crown .So flawlessly Princessy ,the collection is .

                                  The very basic of every outfit that makes it stand out of the rest is the Color. The colors are like the cold Summer breeze that pleases our eyes.So subtle and soft colors made the outfits even more glamorous and classy.  The colors are so beautifully picked that they don't blind you ,in fact , they make you fall in love outfit even more.The color combinations are so well decided that  make the collection look so fascinating. Also , What I loved most about the collection is gorgeous self design that doesn't speak louder than the outfit but enhances the charm & grace of the outfit. The ensembles are the gorgeous examples of perfect combination Indian heritage with contemporary twist .

                        Since the collection has the perfect of royalty and elegance, they would be beyond perfect Weddings and other Indian traditional occasions since it has the span comprises of Lehenga sets, Blouses , Salwaar sets ,Kurtis,gowns and everything you need to look your best.

              I believe , Pictures describe and convey better .So ,here are the few pictures of the Collection . I am sure you will fall in love with them ,like I did :)


Woah! That was like a magical ride .Isn't it ? I am sure , You might have already picked your favorites for your special days.

Here is the Store address :                                                                                                                     

    #1658,Rainush ,1st Floor ,(PAHAL),27th Main , Sector -2 ,HSR Layout, Bangalore.
    Landmark : NIFT Bengaluru / Close to VLCC.

Facebook Page link : https://www.facebook.com/rainushcoutureboutique/?pnref=lhc

Happy Shopping !

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's all about choice you make.

                                           It's not a problem until you make it .

                         No problem ever came without a solution that doesn't fit.

                                        It's never about the problem you face.

                                          It's always about the choice you make.

                                        If You have been hurt , hurt real bad.

                                       Pull yourself together and move ahead

                                            Or keep feeling for yourself sad.

                                             It's up to you to make the choice.

                                                 If your Life knocks you down

                                                 Do you choose to lay on the ground

                                                  Or try to work things around .
                                                  It's up to you to make the choice.



                                                        Confused and completely Lost

                                       Will you walk the way that's already been made.

                                   Rather  be the leader and choose a path to pave.

                                                    Again , It's your choice to make.

                                                    It's always about the choice you make .

                                                    It's always about the risks you take.

                                                    You never fall with face on the ground.

                                                    With every fall , You just become strong.

P.s - Picture is from Google Search.





Thursday, December 29, 2016

Love is just Love.

                                 The moment he walked in 

                       Her Heart skipped a beat 

                       Then her every beat echoed his name 

                       She was no longer the same 

                        She changed.

                        Changed in love and full of love to share.

                        Everyday She rose in love 

                        Everything started to fall in place.


                                                              Image from Google Search.

It's not always  about being together and spending every minute of your life with the person you are in love with . It's also not always being loved back . These are like terms and conditions that come along. While love doesn't have any of such rules. It's all about feeling the love . It's about living in love. It's about loving the love and spending your moment about how wonderful it feels being in love.Even if you are not loved back , remind yourself you are blessed to feel it , though one way. Enjoy Love . Celebrate it . Cherish it .




Monday, December 5, 2016


                                                                 Don't hide them 

                                                                Don't conceal them

                                                                  Don't cover them

                       For your scars are beautiful 

                         Let them shine bright

                         Let the world know

                         For every Scar has a story to share

                                                                  A story of courage

                                                                   A story of Survival

                                                                   A story of undying will power and faith

                                                                   A story of Sacrifice 

                  Versions of stories may differ

                  But What remains same is the fight.

                  Scars silently convey your strength and passion for life.


                                                   Smile at them for they are beautiful 

                           Embrace them for they are the symbol of your strength.

                                             Let them be seen , for they aren't meant to hide.