Saturday, October 7, 2017

A day with the Nature.

                                      Wake up and silently walk away 

                           Lie down on the green grass 

                           And feel the Sun on your face.

                         Touch the Touch-me -not , see it shy away.

              Listen carefully to the songs that winds and breeze play .

                          Dance to the tunes that water in the lake makes.

                               Let the drops of rain kiss your cheek

                               Let the breeze embrace your tresses

                             And leave the scent of places it has been to.


                             Take a deep breath and blow the dandelion 

                                 Let it take your story to far and beyond.

                               Jump on the mount of the maple leaves

                                 Twirl , smile and hug a huge tree .


              Become one with the Nature and let go your worries .

                                      Cuddle with the blanket of night .

                              Inhale the strength of the mighty Nature 

                              Gear up for the battles you need to fight. 

Nature is more than what we merely see. It inspires you like no one else. It teaches the ways of life and guides your way to solve your problems. I derive strength from Nature. Being lost in the nature is way to wake up strong Loose yourself in the Nature and see the magic it does. Believe me , You would love it.




Thursday, August 31, 2017

Will it rain forever ?

                          Everything stopped moving ahead , it's all still.

                       Definitely , there is never walking back .

                  For past isn't alive and the future is still locked .

                       Stuck in the phase of life, dark and black.

                 'Are you  existing , surviving or living ?' the heart asks .

            Who could have thought living would be come a task .

   Had no answer but it is never late to find one, thought the mind

             Where to begin , where would it lead  to. What will I Find?

                                                                            Pic - Google Search


                  More of lost trying to find the land to breathe safe .

                  Will there be a Sunrise ? Or will there be forever rain ?








Monday, July 10, 2017

Let's not !

Let's not talk what happened,

What went wrong ,

What didn't work .

Let's not remember the things we said but never meant

Things we wanted to say but never shared

Let's not think what could have been done ,

or what others would think 

or wish we had done.

For they are all now in the jar of  yesterday

Forever locked and forever at peace.

Don't look behind 

Don't let your head down 

Chin up , stand tall 

Look ahead , walk into the future

With no regrets.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Review - The Three Flowers by November's child .

Hello there !

We have always spoke about how fast the world is running and how hard it is to blend with it and catch up with it's pace. We are so busy trying to get lost in the hustle of the city that we hardly have some time to read some calming articles ,books or anything that would slip us into sleep peaceful. I know, we have little time but loads of things to do but how can we not spend our tiny fraction of time in reading as reading books inspires me and motivates me to become the better version of me. Since , we are all alike and want to get the bliss of the reading in shortest period of time as well, Micro poetry should be our pick. Here's the one - I have read couple of days back and would love to share my experience as well.

It's called The Three Flowers by November's child.( Exactly 23 pages , with 26 micro poems)

Basically , She has taken part in the A-Z challenge and I am sure most of you might be knowing what this challenge is all about .For those , who might find it interesting and wanna know more then , let me share  about it. It's a blogging challenge which happens in April and is hosted by a group of amazing bloggers who share the tips and ways to improve our writing abilities . And this challenge is all about writing every day in a month except on Sundays . Every single day , every blogger has to write their piece of masterpiece in alphabetic order like on first day you got to write a post related to the genre they had pick or on any random thing/place or whatever they like  which begins with letter A. Be it a Apple, Affection or Adjectives. You are the owner of what you choose to write. Now, you know the drill. In short , each day a letter  be it from A to Z or Z to A.

So back to Three Flowers by November's Child. So ,she had successfully completed her challenge and must say that's quiet an achievement for writing a piece of your thoughts every single day is not an easy task , trust me . So , she came up with micro poetry and you guys definitely need to give it a read . She has picked simple and every day topics but have written so beautifully about them . These every day objects / habits / feelings which seem to simple have been written with a new perspective. These micro-poetry is fresh , simple and re-defines our way of looking at them.These simple words we use everyday get a whole new meaning .

The one thing you might notice that this micro poetry doesn't rhyme . But hey ! When did rhyming become a necessity in poetry .It's all about letting out your thoughts in form of words . I really loved how her poetry doesn't rhyme but leaves you in sailing in her thoughts.

Here are two of my favorites :
                                 Love                                                           Quietness
                         Love is like a crayon                                     Awaiting the quietness

                      Coloring all of my yearnings                             The loneliness of the life

                       Into being a part of you.                                 puts me into sleep forever.

In  short ,would like to say - Sweet and simple. Great choice of words. Gives the reader a fresh and newer perspective at things.

If you wanna read her micro poems then here you go -

Also, if you guys remember , I had taken part in AtoZ challenge in 2016 and even I enjoyed the entire month writing down my thoughts.

Happy reading
Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Strangers to Soulmates.


                      We started our journey as strangers .

               Not knowing each other and not wanting to know

               Until Destiny decided to intervene and played it's role

                Nothing happened without a reason but for a reason 

                To make us more than just strangers 

                We smiled, giggled, laughed and eventually fell in Love .

                 I wonder , How did we meet each other ?

                How did I fall in love with a person I hardly once knew?
                Maybe that's how it works ,Maybe that's what is life .

                Love is not a plan but is like the rain 

                It just happens !

               We started as strangers and ended up as soulmates.

                Everything in between is nothing short of a fairy-tale.


                                                  Picture is from Google search.






Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Be your own World

Truth hurt her , broke her 

But it was the truth that set her free 

From the shackles of the past 

Free from expectations 

Free from the lies 

She had nothing to hold on to

No more to love , No more to lose

All She had was all of herself

To explore and discover 

The person She was once

To evolve

To the person She was  always meant to be 

All She had was all of herself 

To trust and love

All She had was all of herself

and She became her own World 

Don't worry if the world doesn't love or care about you. Become your own world .Show yourself the love you deserve. It hurts sometimes but pull yourself together because you are not alone .You have yourself always!

PS - Picture is from Google Search.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lost or Found ?



                           Am I really lost or  just don't wanna be found

                             Why be found ,when being lost feels so better.

                           The more I try to find myself , the more lost I am .

Picture from Google Search.