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7 Lessons learnt in 2017

There's no denying the fact that 2017 has been one of the most wonderful years of my life . It was like a beautiful bed of roses . And it's no surprise that the beauty of roses is bound with the pain of thrones as well. Anyhow , mere thrones doesn't limit us from admiring the beauty of roses. 2017 has come with great rewards as well as with some amazing experiences . I absolutely loved the rewards while I trained myself to cherish the experience and keep them closer to my heart. It wouldn't surprise you if I would say it taught me some great lessons too. Hey , We are students of life and we have to keep learning all along the way . So here's what I learnt :

1)  Let's not Compare - Comparison is a deadly disease which we all suffer from. It's not easy to escape it but if you realize the fact that when we compare, we insult what we actually have . It clearly shows how ungrateful we are for everything we are blessed with.

                    Comparison pushes…

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